eHealth and Data Analytics Research lab (ER)

Welcome to the eHealth and Data Analytics Research Lab (ER) at the Department of Computer Science, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).  Recent years have seen the advent of wearable devices and users/developers flocking to such gadgets to enable consistent experience with the applications already in use. Many developments are driven by the availability of low cost sensors and a whole new wave of wearable devices is anticipated. Medicine, on the other hand, has been envisioned to take new directions in the near future through which patients will be monitored and treated on a personalized level. This will enable care givers to increase efficiency by considering each patients different physical/mental attributes and to ultimately acting upon those information, rather than enforcing generic ways of treatment. In order to reduce cost and improve patients comfort alongside more efficient treatments, it is wise to predict that home care will be gradually achieving more popularity, which requires caregivers to prudently develop strategies for feasible and highly sophisticated "monitoring/behavioral sensing" systems. It is anticipated that in the future behavioral sensing software on a user’s wearable could make use of the physical activity, location and other behavioral patterns to deliver timely, personalized, and actionable messages to encourage healthy behaviors and to enable caregivers for more accurate analysis.

ER lab is a vibrant and unique multidisciplinary research center that aims to harness various techniques, often disparate, from Computer Science, Hardware design, Communication systems, psychology, medical investigations, in concert, to tackle some of the most generic medical problems. For years, ER lab has been successfully designing embedded systems with applications in eHealth to provide, support and to enhance the quality and accessibility of personalized healthcare.